•     QUICK
  • Quick-Egg is ready to use. No more breaking,
    separating, and mixing. Just open and pour!

  •       SAFE
  • Quick-Egg is free from salmonella and microbes to assure you that the product is safe for consumption even when raw.

  •       SAVE
  • Extend the life of your eggs and reduce spoilage with longer shelf life compared to ordinary fresh eggs.

Easy storage and handling!
No need to worry about breaking eggs in transit and storage. Quick Egg products are packaged in food-grade re-sealable bib bags and stored in stackable plastic pails for easy handling and storage.

No more bad eggs!
All eggs used in production are 3 days old or less and go through pre-inspection and cleaning. After being broken, eggs are filtered to ensure that there are no unwanted debris in the product.

No need to immediately discard unused eggs!
If you are unable to use up the whole batch, just re-seal and keep refrigerated for future use. No more bad eggs!